Leader in AR/VR software, games and simulators

We focus on delivering high-quality content, social spaces and games to both businesses and everyday consumers.

We are a team of experienced developers, 3D artists, and game designers that are passionate about the latest technology - ready to bring state-of-the-art software/hardware innovations and make them accessible to a wider audience.

Keeping up with the fast-paced industry, we are dedicated to realizing ideas into executable plans that are rigorously tested in order to deliver high-end products to our clients.

What we Do


Our entertainment and mixed reality content and games are carefully crafted to ensure that our customer’s experience is exciting and engaging, with enhanced and immersive interactive software and hardware.


A veteran team of artists, game designers, and business strategists is passionate about making an original IP for AR, VR, Metaverse, and Spatial computing projects.


Disrupting gaming hardware and content consumption through our innovative and custom motion simulators and peripherals, we are revolutionizing your amusement and entertainment centers with cost-effective and high-end arcade machines.

Business solution

We offer full-scale services and business solutions to clients that require training on-site or in simulated environments - professionally crafted by our experienced VR developers and designers.

Alongside the groundbreaking standalone VR headset, Oculus Quest, Dash Dash Racing is introduced as the first-ever premium, fully-immersive classic kart racing game that is compatible with major hardware peripherals and mixed reality software.

Breakthrough simulator technology for hardware reliability, precision, and efficient power consumption. Comes in 2DOF, 3DOF with rear traction loss, 6DOF or customize design.


XALT: Last Stand, a virtual reality sci-fi shooter tailored made for Arcade environment. Single and local co-op play where you battle in a virtual reality arena against countless waves of enemies.

The new and improved boxing machine with revolutionary technology offering precision and unique features that we have developed in-house, to ensure a more polished experience as a stylish arcade machine or a novel


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